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art of science
​Shigehiro MARUYAMA


I create works of arts based on natural science. I express my view of the world related to physics, mathematics, biology etc. by paintings, videos and photographs.

White Shadow

Quantum theory and philosophy



The world of quantum mechanics is full of mystery for us following the theory built by Isaac Newton. I draw paintings with a touch of a quantum theory. Please enjoy my works along with the stories. 

beauty of primes

Geometry of prime numbers


Prime numbers are very attractive numbers. A number that is not divisible by anything other than 1 and itself. I find strength and consistency in its nature. Prime numbers have been analyzed and studied for over 2000 years. A largest prime number is over 20 million digits.

Time and color of natural phenomena



Nature including the sun, wind, wave, and birds is beautiful and the source of a variety of arts. I try to manipulate time and colors of nature in my work. 

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